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Debbie Moyer – You liar!

My next post is about a white, fat bitch called Debbie Moyer.  When you first look at her, you wonder if she’s part of a radiation disaster.  I mean I haven’t seen someone so ugly in awhile.  Second, she’s disgustingly obnoxious with her fat laugh, her extra tight clothing, and basically old overall appearance.  Debbie Moyer worked at sevearl companies stealing their money for awhile, but what pisses me off about this whore is her dishonesty.  There is no doubt that Debbie Moyer is a lying ass kisser with no integrity or morals.  She’s had her own company for awhile but naturally had to take a back seat recently wtih her work at FEMA.  Lying to clients, deceiving employees, and making up stuff to save your own incompetence is inexcusable.  You knew, you and that ugly gorilla Amy Fester both decided to place static data into the database instead of pulling it in from a data source.  That’s why you couldn’t explain it to your clients the inconsistencies.  Just a bunch of static tables.  You had your indian developers work weekends to do data entry, not fix coding problems.  Debbie, your fat ass lied to the client.  You used that, along with Gorilla Amy Fester, to blame the ones who work under you.  It’s a sad day when assholes like you two succeed.  I hope you get hit by a bus, or live a miserable life you fucking ugly cunt.  Roll around downtown since you can barely walk.  You, out of everyone, should never be employed by anyone.  Down with liars, down with Debbie Moyer and Amy Fester.